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Avangard Capital is straight-up tossing hefty stacks into the riskiest, hypest ventures in the worlds of Web3 and blockchain. We're fully behind your most off-the-wall concepts with substantial resources, lightning-fast validation, and a powerhouse of expert insight, sculpting the wildest futures together!

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About Us

Maverick Ventures: 100+ Wins

Evolved from successful individuals; now a united Web3 force, having invested in over 100 projects in the past 6 years. Our mastery in diverse and complementary areas provides your project with the flexibility and breadth of action necessary to secure all key elements for success.

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Our Philosophy

Brains Over Bureaucracy - We crave your innovative spirit, not your qualifications. We're investing in raw, authentic value in the decentralized sphere.

Our Investment Focus


Avangard's investment is precision-targeted at sharp, real innovators in Web3 and blockchain. You'll have an answer within 72 hours following our 2nd call, and we transfer funds in 10 days, ensuring your project doesn't linger in limbo.

Our small-ticket investments are carefully placed in high-risk, transformative projects that harbor the potential to redefine industry norms and create unparalleled value in the decentralized digital space

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Explore Our Future. Crafted by Swift. Strategic Investments

Dive into our portfolio, showcasing projects that reflect our bold philosophy and rapid, discerning investment strategies

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How We Invest

Fast-Track Investment for Intellectual Innovators!

Merge your brainy innovations with our expedited investment and expansive expertise. Partner with Avangard to harness our strategic capital, advisory prowess, and rapid actions for your project’s ascent

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Get Funded

Ignite Your Project with Avangard!

We’re here for the innovators, not the imitators. With swift validations, a robust knowledge, and a network teeming with valuable connections, we’re ready to propel your project into its next phase, no delays, no fluff

Meet The Team

Your Agile Allies in Investment

An advisory team that brings a wealth of experience, expertise, and expedited actions to your audacious projects

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    Urkann Founder Crypto OG, Angel investor

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Raring for a Fast, Frank Collaboration?

Connect with Avangard. Let’s dive deep, cut through the clutter, and fast-track your project’s journey in the decentralized world